Michael Trojanek (relativkreativ) — Bootstrapper and creator of things


I built CentOS and Ubuntu base boxes mainly as a starting point for people working through Efficient Rails DevOps, but they work equally well for any task that involves a virtual machine — the Alpine base box is especially useful for compiling statically linked Crystal projects and in environments where resources are scarce.

The database servers are optimized for a small footprint and come preconfigured to be accessed as root database user (with root also being the password). Perfect when you need a database backend for development but do not want an idling RDBMS to eat up all your resources when you are just browsing the web.

All boxes are intended for local development only but I try to keep them up-to-date with security patches nonetheless.

Use them however you like.

Base boxes

centos-7-minimal653 MB

A minimal CentOS 7 installation.


centos-6-minimal400 MB

A minimal CentOS 6 installation.


alpine-3-minimal81.3 MB

A minimal Alpine 3 installation.


ubuntu-18-minimal1.14 GB

A minimal Ubuntu 18 installation.


ubuntu-17-minimal984 MB

A minimal Ubuntu 17 installation.


Database servers

mariadb92.8 MB

A very small MariaDB server based on Alpine Linux.


postgresql49.2 MB

A very small PostgreSQL server based on Alpine Linux.