Michael Trojanek (relativkreativ) — Bootstrapper and creator of things


I built CentOS and Ubuntu base boxes mainly as a starting point for people working through Efficient Rails DevOps, but they work equally well for any task that involves a virtual machine — the Alpine base box is especially useful for compiling statically linked Crystal projects and in environments where resources are scarce.

All boxes are intended for local development only but I try to keep them up-to-date with security patches nonetheless.

Use them however you like.

centos-7-minimal653 MB

A minimal CentOS 7 installation.


centos-6-minimal400 MB

A minimal CentOS 6 installation.


alpine-3-minimal81.3 MB

A minimal Alpine 3 installation.


ubuntu-18-minimal1.14 GB

A minimal Ubuntu 18 installation.


ubuntu-17-minimal984 MB

A minimal Ubuntu 17 installation.