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Privacy Policy

This page informs you of the policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information when you use my websites (this one and efficientrailsdevops.com).

I will never share your information or use it in other ways than described here.

Log data

While using my website anonymously, I do not collect any data in the background (I do not use Google Analytics or a similar service and you will find no Like-buttons of social networks on my websites).

How I re-identify you once you are on my email list

Once you joined my email list (by providing me with your email address and a name) I create a row in my local database, storing this information and assigning you a unique token.

When you come to one of my websites through a link in one of my emails, a Cookie is written to your computer's hard drive, including only this token which is then used to re-identify you (in case you switch browsers or computers, just click a link in one of my emails or use the Sign-in link to get back to the personalized versions of my websites).

Once I re-identified you, I track which articles you read, which pages you visited as well as which products you bought from me. This information is pushed to ActiveCampaign (my email service provider) where I use it to personalize the emails I send you.

Even though quite common practice, I do not try to link your information to any Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. I have no intention of spying on you — I solely use the collected information to tailor my emails and website experiences to your specific needs.

How can I opt out?

You can block my websites' cookies but as long as you are an anonymous visitor, there is nothing to opt-out from. In the past, blocking cookies prevented you from downloading your personal copy of Efficient Rails DevOps after purchase, but this is fixed now.

Once you joined my email list, every email I send you includes an unsubscribe-link at the bottom — if you click it, you'll never hear from me again.

I have a dedicated list for product updates so you'll still receive update notifications for everything you bought from me. You can unsubscribe from this list too but beware that you'll miss out on future updates if you are going down this route.

Links to other sites

My website contains links to other sites that are not operated by me. If you click on a third party link, you will be directed to that third party's site. I strongly advise you to review the privacy policy of every site you visit.

I have no control over, and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services I link to.