You want to learn vim but don't know where to start?

You do not learn a language by reading a dictionary.

And you will not grok vim by memorizing every single command. And you don't need to.

First and foremost — just as with a spoken language — you need a solid understanding of vim's grammar.

Once you internalized the concept, you will be able to use a rather small number of commands to edit your code with an efficiency you did not know from other editors.

I am writing a book which will teach you vim's grammar.

Learn how vim's operators, motions and text-objects work together to form the grammar used to edit code with surgical precision, a term which if often used to describe working with vim.

Discover the oddly satisfying feeling of reaching any character in a file with just a few keystrokes and delete, change and insert text with the same precision and efficiency — an ability you'll instantly miss whenever you are editing text outside of vim.

I plan to release it around Christmas. Hop on the waiting list and I'll let you know when it is ready (you will be able to buy the finished book at a discount).